Magento is a great product. The Magento community edition is opensource and completely free. It has all the features and functionality that any online retailer can ask for. But if you noticed, the free Magento version is extremely slow on a standard shared hosting or even on a VPS. The site pages takes ages to load and thus the user experience is badly affected. This is because, the Magento Community Edition lacks full page caching which is which is present in the $15,000+ Magento Enterprise edition. 

So, does one need to spend $15,000 per year just to get full page caching and speed up the website? Simple answer is no.  There is a straight forward way to implement full page caching with zero to minimal cost. Full page caching can be implemented in Magento using Varnish Caching Server, which is an industry standard caching server used by most of the high traffic websites on the internet such as wikipedia , NyTimes etc. Varnish Caching Server intercepts requests to your web-server (usually Apache) and serves fully cached pages instead of requesting the web server for the page every time. Serving the cached page takes very little time when compared to generating and serving the page every time. Installing Varnish Caching Server on a web host and configuring Magento to work properly with it increases the page load performance by 250%.  Guaranteed.

Okay! How do I install and configure the Varnish Caching Server? Installing Varnish unfortunately involves specialized server administration skills.  This is where we come in. Please contact us and we will install and configure Varnish Caching Server and configure it to work with your existing or new Magento website for a very reasonable price.

A Linux VPS (Virual Private Server) is required to install and run Varnish. Varnish cannot run on a shared web hosting. If your Magento website is already on a shared web hosting and you want to install caching to speed up your Varnish website, do not worry. We will help you setup a VPS server, move your existing Magento website to the new VPS and also install and configure the caching server for you.

Please contact us for the most effective & economical way to boost up your Magento website’s performance by 250%. Faster website means happier website visitors, more conversions and more customers which all end up to more revenues!

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