Outsourced product development

KlioTech has been the preferred partner to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to fortune 500 companies. Our Product Development methodology leverages on our vast experience and track record to bring together people, process and technology to create innovative and differentiating products.

With our experience of strategic partnerships with several ISVs and software product companies, we can effectively manage the three major variables that influences New Product Development: Time , Scope & Cost

Our New Product Development (NPD) services include the complete spectrum of activities necessary to convert the customer’s vision into a marketable product such as:

Product Develompent

Product Conceptualization

KlioTech with its expertise and experience helps customers to make the right decision in developing a new product. Our Product Conceptualization services offers:

  • UI Prototyping: Prototyping the entire product and making it interactive before embarking into full scale product development will enable customers to have a better understanding of the end result and receive constructive feedback from their stake holders and customers.
  • Proof of Concept (POC): Running a Proof of Concept of the idea enables identifying risks, pitfalls and allows for a critical analysis of the idea itself. This enables fine tuning of ideas and ultimately results in a better product.
Product Architecture & Design

The architecture and design defines the interaction of the software with underlying hardware, operating system and other software. Our services during the Product Architecture & Design phase of a new product development project include:

  • Architecture: Our architecture process is to come up with the architecture diagrams which decompose the overall functionality of the product into a set of defined component parts and verify if they satisfy the features and needs identified during conceptualization. We ensure that the architecture is scalable and flexible.
  • Interface Design: The second phase is to define the interface of the various component parts to interact together as a single system.
Product Engineering & Development

KlioTech’s Product Engineering & Development processes accelerate development and reduce the overall time to market of the product by using its top quality Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques. With development processes honed and perfected over the years, our development teams ensure that the delivery is as per schedule, quality and time.

Product Testing & QA

KlioTech’s product testing and quality assurance services ensure higher product quality translating to lower costs, reduced release cycles, resulting in overall customer satisfaction and retaining the competitive edge. With a test driven development approach, the product testing and QA is deeply integrated with the product engineering & development process itself. Our range of testing processes involves testing functionality & UI, performance, security, reliability, compatibility, Interoperability and compliance.

Product Deployment & Support

KlioTech’s rapid deployment services include Implementation, production support and end-user training. Our refined process streamlines deployment and support process to ensure error free, efficient deployment and support which results in complete end user satisfaction.

Product Revisions, Modification & Maintenance

Our proven release management processes ensures maintenance releases or new feature releases hit the market in minimal time maintaining the products completive edge and ensuring product growth. We support enhancing, updating and modifying the software as per market needs.

We guarantee through our efforts that the software is scalable and flexible. Our focus on strong foundations starts at the Product Architecture & Design phase. With the architecture laid strong, reducing the complexity of modifying and enhancing the software as per the ever changing market needs is no more a complex task.

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