Product Enhancement

Innovation is a continual process and value addition to the product at regular intervals is essential for a product to retain its competitive edge and grow in the market. This may involve enhancing, modifying or updating the software to reflect market needs.

KlioTech specializes in post-production enhancement and support of software. We make products more contemporary by developing new features and add new functionalities based on the Market feedback.

Our expertise and experience empowers us to understand the underlying architecture of the applications faster. Our superior documentation ensures that the knowledge is well managed for future references.

Our approach to Product Enhancement follows a well defined methodology:

  • Understand the existing product architecture and technicalities
  • Analyze new additions to the software
  • An Action plan of approach to implement the additions
  • Engineer the product as per the plan at the most efficient cost & price

Our innovative Product Enhancement services compliment our services like:

  • Adding new features and functionality to change product positioning or increase product value
  • Integrating the product with other systems and devices
  • Web enabling existing software products
  • Addition of support to other hardware, software or platforms

We assist our customers to realize the potential of their existing product line. We help them leverage their existing products and increase the life time and optimally realize the best value out of their products.

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