Mobile Enablement

Benefits of Mobile Enablement

  • Increase the user base and market share by capitalizing the massive demand
  • Enhance existing software by making it available anywhere, anytime
  • Existing users will spend more time with the software’s thus increase in revenue
  • Increase the visibility by distributing through the most popular mobile apps market places
  • Integration with mobile device features like GPS, NFC, Photo, Scanner, audio recording, etc.
  • Offer rich experience to the users by adapting with the world’s best mobile and tablet devices

Services we offer

  • App prototype building
  • New product development from scratch
  • Porting apps to newer mobile devices. Like porting Android app to iOS, iOs to Windows8 etc.
  • Developing cross platform mobile apps
  • Feature enhancements
  • Support – Monitoring and critical support
  • Testing, threat and vulnerability testing, compliance testing

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